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Helsinki Bookmarks – collaborating with a team of IDBM students

We believe that digital tags can provide a new dimension to the cityscape. NFC tags placed at key locations around the city can open up a new media space by offering local, digital content to the users.

Smart Urban Spaces Helsinki collaborated with an international and interdisciplinary team of IDBM students during the semester 2011-2012. The project brief for the students was to further develop the concept of city tags by visualizing and providing viable service concepts of the ecosystem.

In 2012, Forum Virium Helsinki proceeds with the themes of guiding tourists as well as exploring the possibilities to provide multiple city services through tags.  The city services can be linked to traffic, events or information. On the other hand maybe even independent service providers could use the tags for location-based services.

Below, you can see the student’s compelling visualization of what one possible ecosystem around the city tags, Helsinki Bookmarks, could look like.

The students’ semester included a field trip to China where they organized a workshop to the students at Aalto-Tongi Design Factory as well as met with local companies. Benchmarking, interviewing and brainstorming resulted in Helsinki Bookmarks -concept. Students also made a prototype for Timo Sarpaneva 2012 – Private Collection – gallery in Helsinki. Through an NFC tag the user could access a video telling information about the work itself.

The International Design Business Management -students’ work is one of the five IDBM industry projects presented in the World Design Capital Pavilion on the 24th of May from 15.00 to 17.00. The event is open for all participants and the main language of the event is English.

24.5.2012 Masters of Aalto: Feel Inspired by IDBM 15.00-17.00

World Design Capital Pavilion

Ullanlinnankatu 2-4, 00130 Helsinki



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